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The Thing, convention sketch at Denver Comic Con, June 2014.

I’d asked Keiren to get me some coloured markers to use—just some reds and blues to give some pop to superhero outfits. She’d got me a few different fleshtone possibilities, but pinks and browns, no orange. I was so pleased with how this (and the Scarlet Witch) turned out that I bought more colours for FanExpo sketches. Think I’ll continue doing colours for future cons.

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Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Starmen…

It’s amazin’ Yours Truly was even able to fit into those red and green PJs.  Still, Jack Knight is a heckuva guy featured in a heckuva series.  This-here is the second commission I just got from Jon Morris and I like it at least as much (if not more) than the Flex Mentallo team-up.  If Jack could meet Hellboy, why not Aunt Petunia’s Favorite Nephew?

For more info on Starman click HERE!  The Jack Knight Starman was created by James Robinson and Tony Harris.


Flex Mentallo Trades Hero Halos with The Thing!

Man of Muscle Mystery meets Ever-Lovin’ Idol o’ Millions in the match-up that just had to happen!  Yours Truly commissioned this cute little piece from Jon Morris and I can’t tell you how happy I am with it.  I wonder exactly where in the Multiverse this crossover took place?

For more info on Grant Morrison’s Flex Mentallo click HERE!


Spidey and Thing Post-It note sketches.


Fantastic Four, one of my first ever comic book movie/American comic group of characters that I’ve ever known, and they’re still one of my top favourite with their super cool villains and awesome powers. I used to draw them all the time after seeing the 2 movies made by Fox in 2005, but there have been so many great comic book movies since then that I kinda forgot about them. So here’s another interpretation of mine for the family of heroes and their arch nemesis Doctor Doom. If it ever happens in my life time, this is kinda what I imagine them as a cartoon show.


Fantastic 4th Graders by Greg Boyd and Jeremy Wetzel


140830 - the world must never know

wow how much caffeine did I drink






Sean Needham via The Benbo Redesign Club:

Robot Thing/Fantastic Four x Doom Patrol



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