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Guess who started working two hours early


My 1-hour drawing entries for Charathon: SUPER SMASH BROS. EDITION!!!

Featuring Mega Man, Star Fox, Sonic the Hedgehog, and Kirby!


sonic and his best friend robotnik.


Sonic Drift (1994, Game Gear) got us talking about the incredible vibrant box art that SEGA put out during Sonic the Hedgehog’s golden era. Crammed full of wild, errant geometry and vivid colours, we’d argue that these covers illustrate the feeling of playing Sonic much more comprehensively than their fleshed-out (but no less iconic) North American and European counterparts. Hope you enjoy the gallery!

In case any of you traitors who callously left the Sega fold for the brave new Playstation world in the mid-90s are wondering what the hell G Sonic is, it’s the Japanese version of the Game Gear’s isometric Sonic Blast. Fun fact:Sonic Blast, as a fun little antithesis to this post, quite possibly gets the award for having the worst box art in SEGA history - or at least the second worst next to the similar Sonic 3D Blast.


A commission that was really fun~


I should be sleeping, but nope! Here’s more big Tails.

So beefy!

So cute!


sonic frands


Another Late Nighter Sketch

… I know they won’t do it but, wouldn’t it be kind of hilarious if Sonic in Smash 4 had the power to transform into this like how Zelda can turn into Shiek in the games?

Asker alcharlie Asks:
Which was your first videogame? Which is the one that has really marked you?
alcharlie alcharlie Said:


The first system and game combo I got was Sonic the Hedgehog on the Sega Genesis. However if I had to name a game series that has really “marked” me it would be the Mega Man series.


When will Dr. Eggman ever learn! Nothing stands in the way of Super Sonic!


A little speed painting with my favorite blue blur! Took about 2 hours and 18 minutes. Here’s hoping with more speed paintings I’ll get a bit faster with my works!