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Marvel a color!!!!dibujo de un servidor y colores de Daniel Vicente Ochando Garcia !!

Aqui tenis mas cosas suyas!!


Sample the first 15 seconds of Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy trailer here, and be sure to tune into ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live on Tuesday, February 18 starting at 11:35 p.m. EST to see the full debut trailer!

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The Mighty Marvel Strength & Fitness Book by Ann Picardo and Joe Giella

you’d think the hulk could put a little weight on those bells.

I’ve said this before, but an updated version of this would have been YOUNG AVENGERS #16. 

The first season was about attempting to improve yourself ethically. NEXT THE YOUNG AVENGERS MASTER THE PHYSICAL REALM.

Can… can we just…

… appreciate this…



…the art, it buuuurnssssssss aaaaaauuuuughhhh…

The word “parents” briefly lost all meaning after writing it so many times. 

Billy, stop NOW.



Here it is. The cover to the very first issue of The Fantastic Four by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby. This is one of, if not the, most homaged and parodied comic covers of all time. I can’t even count the number o’ times I’ve seen covers, posters, and promotional images paying tribute to this Kirby…


A buddy/hangover movie featuring Luke Cage and Thor = $$$


So, Marvel’s Loki recently turned into a teenage version of himself. Or adult possibly, I’m not sure. Anyway, he also got confirmed as bisexual, but given the general sexual attitudes of gods, I’m not sure that that’s news.

Actually, this is just making Loki actually closer to his original characterization in the asgardian myths. So it’s not that he’s learned BISEXUALITY, he actually remembered it.


Because I’ve been off the grid, here’s my favorite thing I inked a few days ago. For you folks who apparently really liked Thor drinking a latte.


Regarding that last question— If I’ve got a favorite FF uniform for the Thing, it’s something like this one I came up with in ‘11. Plain and simple. Basically the Wieringo getup minus the boots.

Wieringo’s Thing ranks among my top 3 representations of Ben Grimm, so good taste from you.


ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED?! #sketch #ares #marvelcomics


Marvel What Now? Page 1.


Drawing of Wolverine (ウルヴァリン) from the Facebook of Go Fujimoto (藤本郷)
Go Fujimoto’s caption:

Wolverine LOVE!! but SAMURAI was not good movie…shit !


Drawing of Wolverine (ウルヴァリン) from the Facebook of Go Fujimoto (藤本郷)

Go Fujimoto’s caption:

Wolverine LOVE!!
but SAMURAI was not good movie…shit !


I will never get tired of making fun of how weird and incestuous the Marvel universe is. As you can tell by the many, many jokes I keep making about it.

I kinda prefer Dick!Scott to Emo!Scott, but in both cases my fists are equally attracted to his face.