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Is anyone here obsessed with Guardians of the Galaxy like I am? I’ve seen the movie twice in theatre and listened to the Awesome Mix Vol. 1 thousands of time and still want more. So here’s a little tribute I did for one of/if not the best Marvel studios’ movie yet. This is what I imagine a cartoon version of the movie should look like.


Doing my best to clear some long overdue commissions this week.

I like Thor.


The All-New Defenders by Pryce14

Another dream roster thingie.

I haven’t read much of Marvel’s more mystic-themed comics, but I’ve grown particularly fond of Nico, Wiccan, and the new Ghost Rider, and I’ve always found Doctor Strange and Scarlet Witch interesting. Therefore, I’d love to see a comic feature them together.

The main purpose of the team would be Doctor Strange gathering these teen magic-users to teach them more of the mystic world. Strange as leader and Magick as his right-hand woman. The new Ghost Rider, Pixie, Nico, and Wiccan as students. Scarlet Witch to spend more time with Wiccan and try to sort out her life. And Loki is there because this team will definitely get itself into a huge mess, and he’d want front row seats.


A new Marvel’s “Guardians of the Galaxy” trailer is here! Watch it now for a deeper look at the action-packed space adventure, the characters…and all the emotions. #feelings


MOTHER OF GOD I’M DONE. My last print for Heroescon, done and saved and ready to go to the print shop tomorrow!

And now I shall ~never draw again.


Billboards of upcoming films based on the events of both the Battle of New York, and Captain America’s time during WWII.

While Cap was spotted looking embarrassed as he walked past a poster for Michael Bay’s The Tower, Tony Stark was taking a gleeful selfie next to a billboard. It’s smart vs silly, which of these films will the public put its money behind?

These are dedicated to the anon who suggested billboards. I was half way through these, and you inspired me to finish them!

MediAvengers is an MCU media blog.  Magazine spreads and newspaper articles made by fans, for the fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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Are you telling me that not even the Avengers can stop the cinematic terror of Michael Bay? D:


It’s the return of Brute Force in Deadpool Bi-Annual #1 written by Paul Scheer and Nick Giovanetti! Read more:


It’s the return of Brute Force in Deadpool Bi-Annual #1 written by Paul Scheer and Nick Giovanetti! Read more:

a colossus???? dunno if that counts
alcharlie alcharlie Said:


wrong kind of colossus i bet

Deadpool Bi-Annual #1 Cover by DNA-1

BRUTE FORCE!? Somebody warn Linkara about this!


Hulk v. Wolverine

Sometimes you start a drawing with no intention of finishing it so you put your signature on it and move on with your life.



Instagram updated with a bunch of photo editing options. Also I drew a tiny Rhino. #thumbnail #sketch #rhino #marker #marvel #comics #butitsnotforacomic #ink

Disney’s Big Hero 6 Official Teaser Trailer


This is mostly based on this:

A lot of credit to crinos, who summed up my feelings on this subject fairly thoroughly.

Honestly though, if you live in a world where supervillain attacks are a regular thing, it’s a real world problem.