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oh no


oh no

Asker Anónimo Asks:
favorite green lantern?
alcharlie alcharlie Said:


I like all the Earth ones equally for different reasons. Kyle because he was GL when I was a kid and he was a cartoonist. John because of the JL cartoon. Hal because of that recent cartoon and Gil Kane. Guy only recently and mostly in contrast to the others (couldn’t stand him at first). Alan because the costume grew on me and I like all the Justice Society characters.

So Kilowog.

Well chosen, poozer.



I needed an excuse to draw more spacescapes … don’t judge me. ;)


A quick Kilowog before bed.





Two years ago on November 11, 2011, Green Lantern the Animated Series debuted on Cartoon Network with outstanding ratings.

Happy anniversary.


My first Tumblr post. ugh. lol


Kilowog. Green Lantern  

Inktober day 10


Sometimes I sign random GLTAS DVD’s in the Best Buy parking lot.


Salaak Week III (aka ‘I Can’t Believe We’re At Number Three’) - Day Four

Eauuughhh, I’m so not on my A-Game today, since I’ve been hit with allergy/possible cold(?) crud, and I promptly took a long nap when I got home today. 

Anyhow, today’s guest star is Kilowog! Kilowog is probably another person Salaak would consider a true friend, though of course, he wouldn’t openly admit it. He’s also another one who doesn’t exactly put up with Sal’s guff, but hey. 

Here’s some drink sharing. I got this idea in my head and it wouldn’t go away until I did it. I’m not sure what it is about me putting Salaak into silly situation like this, but this doesn’t seem too far beyond the realm of possibly happening. =V

And for the record, while this is GLTAS*Kilowog’s look, this is not GLTAS related. Sorry.

(Also, apologies if the scale is out of whack. He is bigger than Sal, but the perspective/depth of shot makes him look smaller than he is. I double-checked)


This pic somehow sums up my sunday morning