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Asker Anónimo Asks:
Hey Ricky have you ever tried wearing briefs?
alcharlie alcharlie Said:


Figured I’d color this one as a reference for a later piece.

He wears briefs as a back up since jockstraps are also expensive :P


"If it senses sadness with its fluffy fur, a Blissey will rush over to the sad person, however far away, to share an egg of happiness that brings a smile to any face."

- Blissey’s Emerald Pokédex Entry

okay this might be the stupidest comic i’ve ever drawn.

merged version here


A little speed painting with my favorite blue blur! Took about 2 hours and 18 minutes. Here’s hoping with more speed paintings I’ll get a bit faster with my works!


Hey, Yo Wanna Move My Stump…? =3= / Higher-Resolution @ Y! Gallery

And this was my first experiment with Ralph’s 2.0 design, so to speak… despite some changes like the eyebrowns and all the bodyhair; ‘cuz at the end I’ve to face it… I love mah Ralphy scruffy and hairy =3= and I’m not saying it might be permanent, since I’ve a peculiar headcanon about said features -except for the chin, that’s just my thing =P yep-.

Regardless my taste for the NSFW variety, I also prefer pics that can be erotic and sensual without showing much, leaving a place to the imagination, hohoho… and I specially wanted to make it inviting, blessed the hands that actually came out good on this one XD

You can say by the shiny looks of his hair that he just got a bath for you LOL
I’m gonna stop writing before I start pin-pointing silly stupid mistakes… so, enjoy =3



Celebrating 25 years of Mega Man and featuring the works of 80 different artists, the #RobotMasterCollab is complete!

You should all be proud of creating such a heart felt piece of work celebrating one of video games greatest heroes and his rich history as a franchise. 

I’d like to personally thank each and everyone of you for putting the time and energy into these pieces. Seeing all these works side by side is amazing and it’s been a pleasure organizing this collab. So again, thank you to every single one of you fantastic artists for a job well done!

The full artist roster can be found here
Make sure if a piece stands out to let your favorite artist know!! 

Until the next collab gang!!

- Justin Hill (Waywarddoodles)


january 24 - Business man bowser, Yoga Bowser? and making a cake

"Melon Parfait" by 葵野

"Ten Ka Go Men" by マル


#goblinweek Goblins astride on their watch titan.

Manga Studio.


A fun little illustration that came to mind from playing the very awesome Super Mario 3D World! I actually got the idea from the opening cut scene when the group jumps into the clear pipe and on their way to the Prixie Kingdom I couldn’t help but notice that Mario had a…umm…ahem nice little view behind the Princess ;D. Iunno for all stuff Mario goes through to save Peach, maybe he deserves a little more than a kiss on the nose…and an occasional cake ^^. But I figured I’d poke fun at it, and not to mention show my love for this game, because Mario 3D World is an amazing game and one I’d recommend if you hadn’t played it yet!


Except he totally is.

The crux of all Charizard, they want to be seen as buff and imposing, but everybody thinks of them as cute tubby fire dragons…


I bought a fine tip sharpie and started drawing on post its, and thought a cool theme would be Wreck it Ralph!




Make Mine Mega

Pew Pew