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The Grimm Bros. in: “Fun In Da Sand”

I present you Jake and Danny, the Grimm brothers, my personal take on how the sons of Ben Grimm would be. Ben Grimm is my favorite comic book character of all time and I’ve grown tired of seeing him being used as a cosmic plaything and rarely having some true happiness. So in my own personal canon I’ve given him sons after finally marrying his true love Alicia Masters.

Although close in concept to Buzz and Chuck Grimm from the Earth X series in that they’re kids growing up with the same powers of their father; them living in a more traditional Marvel universe instead of a bleak alternate reality has given them more child-like personalities and a better upbringing.

Jake Grimm is the elder brother, quiet and serious at first glance but sharing the same sense of humor and love for pranks with his father. Sometimes his position as the elder brother makes him forget that despite having a body made of rock he’s still just 14 and still leagues away from his father so he ends falling in situations bigger than he can chew.

Danny Grimm, the younger brother, is like any other 10 years old. Adventurous, carefree and an optimist by nature, he doesn’t waste time thinking in the withdraws of being a kid made of living rock and is always thinking in all the cool and fun adventures he can have with his father. His naivete sometimes works against him but at least is careful to stay close his father just in case things go ugly.

This short comic has been drawn by my friend Joe who’s made a great job drawing Ben Grimm and his sons (which as you might know it’s not easy). In the future, once I have enough free time to write the story, we’ll make another comic; longer and more adventurous in the classical Fantastic Four tradition.

In the meanwhile, enjoy this short and light family story. As you can see they’re not that different from any other typical family, right?

Ben Grimm is an original character created by Jack Kirby and Stan Lee.

Jake Grimm and Danny Grimm are fan characters created by me.

Original story written by me, art by Jose Sanchez.