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Batman and Batgirl paintings, a wedding gift to my friend. A4/watercolors.


Batman Villains Are Your Annoying Friends

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The signal!


Just in case you guys are wondering why I’ve been mixing up the sketches lately… doing super heroes, darker images, fun animals, etc etc…  …. I like the challenge.
Not just of doing superheroes which I am clearly not cut for in the same way Marvel or DC artists are….. but of going back and forth from dark to light, from serious to light hearted.
It’s so easy to get into a rhythm and keep doing the same type of thing over and over…even if you do get better at that thing over time.
I love being able to go from one world to the other whenever I feel like it.
I know it might throw people off , and I won’t get as many “likes” as I could, but, man.. does it feel good to do things you like, and push yourself to go beyond what you think you can do!
It’s definitely a learning experience, and humbling as well to realize how limited I am as an artist.
ON the other end, it’s exhilarating to find out how much more there is to discover.
I have such an incredible amount of admiration and respect for ANYONE who simply tries his best at something he’s not necessarily good at.
I wish I had been a little more brave when I was a student.


Lunch doodle.