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He still need a name

Funny thing, he looks close to my katana-wielding detective OC.


Sketch of the character im working on, he is the Chief of the bouty hunters group where Mario and Wade work on, he has a warm heart i guess


nom nom :T

Asker hiraito Asks:
can you please send me your drawing "i hope senpai notices me today because i want to fuck that ass so badly"? I cant find in your blog by tag and I really need it to use it as reaction image.
alcharlie alcharlie Said:


there you go



Art by Orange Sketchbook (桔畫冊)

So much to love in this image: the lavender and teal color scheme, the sexy smirk, the cute Band-Aid, and the coy flash of mid-kick dick in his loose-fitting rugby shorts. Orange Sketchbook has been on a roll lately!


if you’ve got it, flaunt it.


This is is my dream look if i were to become a bear. Russian gimmick. Wearing full cut black trunks , red boots and jacket. 

i like my bulge peeking at the hem of the jacket, sorta like teasing hehe. The hem is kinda elastic so it would compress my belly and looks clean.

When we are kids we used to draw stuff like this , being a hero or heroes we adore.


It’s been a while..
Thank you my loyal fans–your refreshing ardor is outshone only by your loving nagging. ( All my arts are belong to you )

Something from my pipe’n’pushbroom mustache cache stash.
Hey Sailor
Pencils, Phoroshop


140910 - Samoan Boy 

Watercolor + Photoshop


Let’s go to the drive.

by n@kamura


"Stall"  -I have been working on this one off and on since I drew it.  I finally sat down and completed it.