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TMNT - Wisdom by BIbo X / Tumblr

Part of the TMNT: Legend of the Yokai online art exhibition.


Rocket Raccoon #7


Revisited a drawing from 5 years ago.

(vía evrlvnbluidthng)


Big Hero 6 Behind the Scenes: Baymax


A few familiar faces are gracing the cover of thi month’s WIRED magazine! Take a trip behind the scenes of our studio in the cover story now and pick up the issue on stands next Tuesday:


At last I finished this damn art. It took me four days to get this done. I feel like my wrist is still going strong. Anyways I had this idea for very long time and didn’t have a chance to draw it out. Now it exists and I am pretty happy with how it came out. I really wanted to draw my avatar along side my close friends avatar with our favorite homo kalos starters and their triplets! It is sort of a anniversary kind-ish art?  I am super happy that it turned out the way i wanted and a few people wanted to see what my avatar looks like. Now I wait for my other friend so I can draw her, her delphox and two lil fenniken and hawlucha so the art is complete.
Zero and Jin belongs to crownoftreats
Logan, Arthur and Ayra belongs to me


God this took longer than I had hoped but damn did I want to do a wet shirt pinup!


a lonk.




The tech behind Disney’s Big Hero 6


#inktober Day 21: Rocket Raccoon #sketch_dallies


S.H.Figuarts 木之本桜 (Sakura Kinomoto)
Now appeared from Cardcaptor Sakura

New Item Pickup!
March 2015 in retail stores.

It’s scheduled to begin accepting pre-orders soon!

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