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In case you missed it, on Friday I put up a HUGE story, a culmination of weeks of work and a slew of original interviews: Stalled engine: The TurboGrafx-16 turns 25.

I wrote this for a few reasons:

- My enduring love for the system, all these years later
- My realization that game history will disappear unless we do something about it, and my desire to contribute to that effort
- My ambition to put together a big original piece in a real journalistic feature style, since I’ve been reading so much New Yorker etc. of late.

I think I hit all those marks, though of course I can see ways in which I could have made it better. It’s always the way: Never enough time. I dumped a lot of time and effort into it, but, never enough…

As regards Point 2, I came to the realization that this is even more important than I realized. Some of the people I talked to about this are getting older; one was retired. Rich O’Keefe, in particular, is nobody I’d ever heard of before, but he had so many amazing stories about not just NEC but Atari and EA, that I hope to share in the future too. If we don’t get their stories, we’ll lose them, inevitably. Not to be morbid, as it’s likely they’ll be fine for years to come, but it’s already happening

Alongside that, I wrote up a blog post with my more personal story. Quicker and rougher, I doubt it’s the whole story, but maybe it’ll give you some idea what it was like to be there, as so many of you were not. In a similar vein, Leigh Alexander’s anniversary piece for Paste covers her subjective experience of the system as a kid, younger than I was at the time, and gives an excellent sense of what it was like to experience the TurboGrafx as a wonderful system, not knowing a thing about the console wars of the era or having any predetermined allegiances. 

On a related note, I spent some time yesterday giving myself a TurboGrafx/Monster Lair Twitter theme, and I’m really happy with how it came out, particularly on iPhone.

(BTW, this Twitter header template was ESSENTIAL for making this. It’s impossible to understand how it handles header images you upload without it.) 



This Zord is Mega


Art by Orange Sketchbook (桔畫冊)

So much to love in this image: the lavender and teal color scheme, the sexy smirk, the cute Band-Aid, and the coy flash of mid-kick dick in his loose-fitting rugby shorts. Orange Sketchbook has been on a roll lately!


Hulk vs Rocket Raccoon!Pigma Micron and Copic Sketch markers.


Hulk vs Rocket Raccoon!

Pigma Micron and Copic Sketch markers.


Yay, I got a Daily Deviation for the Hyrule Warriors sprites :)

Thank you very much! Now in other news…if you guys checked my older entries, you saw that I started something Smash 4 related, actually I started that when it was…


Hayao Miyazaki in Super Smash Bros ;-)


Thank you SSB4 and Megaman!